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Welcome Friends…

Hello! I’m Jacqueline and I LOVE weddings.

The feeling that comes from sharing in one of the biggest days in a Bride’s life is one like no other. Building relationships with Brides, their wedding parties, photographers, cake artists, florists, and planners fills my heart. Seeing the look on the Bride’s face when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time - that’s priceless.

But I know the struggle of trying to do all the things. It can be both exhilarating and exhausting.
Do you ever feel alone?

Being in business for yourself or trying to make it as a freelance artist can be a lonely road.
But you don’t have to feel alone anymore.
There is very little that I love more about being a makeup artist than booking a beautiful wedding. However, there is this one thing - and that is building a community and teaching you how to book more weddings with the Brides you love.



So, what is a Portfolio and why do I need a new one?

I'm guessing that if you are in business as a Wedding Professional you have noticed there is no shortage of us.
From seasoned veteran to enthusiastic newbie, it seems like an endless sea of artists all trying to stand out in the crowd.
Am I right?

Let’s slow down and listen to the quiet for a minute. Take a deep breath, hold it, and exhale slowly. There. Doesn’t that feel better? I know you’re probably thinking ‘sure Jacqueline, that’s great but this blissful feeling will go away just as soon as I hop back into my social media or try to get those bookings I’ve been working on for so long’ … I’m here to tell you there is a better way.
What if you could work on your terms, attracting the kind of projects that make your heart sing?
Weddings and special occasion work that keeps coming for days, months, and before you know it - you’re fully booked for the year.
Well, it’s possible.

I know because I’ve done it. And I haven’t always done it the easy way. You see, I have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years and I founded my own onsite wedding team in 2007. I’ve done hundreds of weddings. It’s been a long journey of finding out how to best serve my clients and build my business at the same time. I believe that pursuing beauty is a noble path in life and it leads to so much more than just a pretty face. If you feel that way too, I know I can help you recognize your goals and help you with the challenges of standing out so you can share your gift of creativity with clients you will love.
Your portfolio is often the first impression of who someone thinks you are.
And often times they believe it is the best indicator of what you are capable of.

Is your portfolio up to date, showing lots of beautiful images of your special occasion work? Do your galleries show plenty of beautiful Brides in the venues where you want to be hanging out on the weekends?
No? Well, don’t be discouraged…this is where I come in. One of my favorite tools for building a killer portfolio is a Styled Shoot. If you don’t know what a Styled Shoot is, let me explain [if you do know, it’s okay - keep reading to hear more about what makes our Shoots super special].
Styled Shoots are a collaboration of many event vendors to bring a story to life. In this case, we would be telling a love story that follows a path to a wedding. The details of the wedding are all coordinated and arranged so that photographers can come in to capture images that tell the full story. Every vendor is a crucial part of the story. Participating in these Shoots can give you the opportunity to show your special occasion work.
Our particular type of Styled Shoot incorporates more than just pretty images. The goal we have in mind is to connect like-minded professionals who care deeply about the experience they deliver to their clients. We are building a caring, creative COMMUNITY that is positive and uplifting.

If this sounds interesting, keep scrolling down.
I would be honored to help you showcase your skills so you can show everyone the MAGIC that’s in those portfolios of yours.

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I have 3 sessions open to help you build your portfolio. Get all the details below….


This is a local (ish), one day only, styled shoot. We are currently booking these events in the northeast. If you are a seasoned Pro looking for a great way to build your portfolio without a huge time commitment, this experience will provide you with beautiful, professionally curated images of your own work.

BONUS: If you have been searching for a way to expand your network and connect with local vendors that can lead you to a greater number of bookings - this is the one for you!


This unique workshop is a two-day event that combines the educational elements of learning bridal business along with hands-on experience in a collaborative setting.
Day One, is a value-packed, interactive workshop with behind the scenes tips & tricks. You will also receive copies of templates you need for a successful client experience.
Day Two, you will showcase your wedding product(s) / service(s) for a special occasion photo session. This workshop will have all the elements to provide a full gallery.


If destination weddings are your jam and you want to target the Brides who are looking for your services, get your portfolio passport here! We are hosting 5 amazing events at some incredible destinations in 2019/2020.

This is your opportunity to enjoy a fellowship of collaborating with other creative vendors and build relationships that can last a lifetime along with collecting multiple, spectacular galleries for your portfolio. If you need an excuse to travel - this is it!