Beautiful Dream Team is all about making your special day…extra special. We are a team of independent stylists & makeup artists with a common goal of providing exquisite hair & makeup for the biggest days in your life. We travel onsite across the country and are happy to accommodate your beauty needs where you are. We value high-quality brands and have a wide variety of products in our kits. Having our team at your events is the best way to prepare for your special moments, completely comfortable, easy and relaxed in your own environment.


Beauty Box Académie offers the unique benefit of non-branded training for both experienced Professionals and aspiring beginners. Jacqueline has been in the Salon & Spa industry for over 20 years. Her love of sharing ideas along with encouragement from colleagues prompted the founding of Beauty Box Académie. The Académie offers Intensive Sessions throughout the year. We believe that building relationships creates a community beyond compare within our profession. We welcome the opportunity to share these valuable education sessions with you.


I have a passion for makeup artistry and fabulous hair. I get my kicks from travel, jazz music, art, anything vintage, and theatre. The transformation scene in Cinderella has always been my favorite. I believe, as women, we all want to feel like Cinderella after a visit from Fairy Godmother. There is something positively magical about how you feel when you look your best.

Traveling to provide beauty services at destinations all over, I’ve seen that magic many times and it’s still as real (maybe more so) today than when I first began. To me, beauty is more than skin deep and being a part of the transformation that takes place when someone is getting ready for a special event is priceless!

I believe that our team is what women truly want; someone to listen to them and help them become the best versions of themselves. Being part of a team that does that every single weekend is such a blessing. I truly love what we do!

We’d love to learn about all your wedding plans and get to know you!  Please send us a note so we can hear all the details and make a plan to get together.



I have always been a "girly girl" but I never guessed that I would be following in my mother's footsteps . . . much less that she and I would be running a business together!

Right out of high school I got my cosmetology license and decided to ditch the idea of a traditional college education.

So my journey officially began...
I worked in the Spa Industry for two different world-renowned resort spas in PA the first 5 years. Along the way, I would help with weddings any time I could!
My favorite thing about my job at the destination resorts was meeting new guests, but I longed for something deeper!

Nothing has been more fulfilling than building relationships, with our onsite clients, since being with Beautiful Dream Team full time. And Beauty Box Académie has given me the chance to inspire others the way my mom has always inspired me.